Process of Obtaining Material from Recycled Plastic: Details of Extrusion
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The management and recycling of plastic waste are increasingly gaining importance in terms of environmental sustainability and efficient use of resources. At this point, the role of extrusion technology in the recycling process of plastic waste is of great significance. In this article, we will examine the details of extrusion in the process of obtaining materials from recycled plastic.

Basic Function of Extrusion

Extrusion is the process of melting plastic materials and then shaping them into a long, continuous profile or film with a specific shape. This process is typically carried out using an extrusion machine. The extrusion machine contains a screw system that applies high heat and pressure to melt the material.

Process of Obtaining Material from Recycled Plastic

Collection and Sorting: Collection and sorting of plastic waste constitute the first step of the recycling process. In this step, different types and qualities of plastic are identified and properly classified.

Preprocessing: Collected plastic waste is cleaned, ground, and turned into granules. This step prepares the plastic waste for extrusion.

Extrusion: Granules are fed into the extrusion machine, and the melting process begins. The screw system melts the plastic material and passes it through an extrusion die to give it a specific shape. As a result, a long plastic profile or film is obtained.

Cooling and Cutting: The obtained plastic profile or film is passed through cooling units and cut to the desired size. This step gives the product its final shape.

Quality Control and Packaging: Finally, the produced plastic products undergo quality control and are properly packaged. Quality control is important to determine the product's compliance with desired specifications and standards.

Extrusion technology is an important process that supports environmental sustainability by enabling the reuse of recycled plastic waste. Processing plastic waste through extrusion contributes to the conservation of natural resources and reduction of waste. Therefore, the role of extrusion in plastic recycling is increasingly important.

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