Hose Production Line and Plastic Extrusion: Shaping Flexibility
hose production lineplastic extrusionshaping flexibility

Hose Production Line: Fundamental Steps

Preparation of Plastic Material:

  • The hose production process begins with careful preparation of the plastic material to be used. Granular plastic material is mixed in specific proportions and formulated to create the basic structure of the hose.

Plastic Extrusion:

  • Plastic material is shaped through plastic extrusion, the main step in the hose production line. In this process, the material is heated, melted, and passed through a special die to take on the desired hose shape. Plastic extrusion is a critical step that determines the inner and outer surfaces of the hose.

Adding Reinforcement Material:

  • Some types of hoses include reinforcement materials to enhance durability. At this stage, materials such as textiles, wires, or special reinforcements are added to the hose that has undergone plastic extrusion. This increases the hose's durability.

Cooling and Molding:

  • The shaped hose undergoes a cooling process to achieve the desired form and is molded. This post-extrusion step optimizes the durability and flexibility of the hose.

Cutting and Packaging:

  • Finally, the hose is cut into the desired lengths and packaged. This stage of the hose production line ensures that the products are ready for storage and transportation.

Advantages of Plastic Extrusion:

Plastic extrusion, being a key process in the hose production line, offers several advantages:

  • Flexible Design: Plastic extrusion facilitates the easy design of flexible hoses.
  • High Production Speed: The use of automation and advanced technology allows for high-speed plastic extrusion.
  • Material Variety: Various types of hoses can be produced using different types of plastics.


The hose production line and plastic extrusion are essential processes that respond to the flexibility and durability requirements of the modern industry. These technologies enable the production of hoses widely used in various sectors such as water supply, industrial applications, agriculture, and the automotive industry. In the flexible world of hoses, the hose production line and plastic extrusion are crucial tools shaping innovation.

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