Basic Terms and Descriptions in Plastic Extrusion
basic terms in plastic extrusionplastic extrusion

Feeding System:

The feeding system is a system that ensures the regular feeding of plastic granules or powder into the extruder during the plastic extrusion process. A proper feeding system is crucial for a homogeneous and smooth melting process.


An extruder is one of the fundamental components of plastic extrusion used to melt and shape plastic materials. This machine encompasses various types of extrusion machines used in different industries.


The screw, a fundamental part of the plastic extrusion machine, is used to melt and shape plastic materials. Designed in the form of a rotating shaft inside the extruder, the screw initiates the process of melting plastic granules.

Die Head:

Critical to the plastic extrusion process, the die head allows the melted plastic material to take the desired shape. The die head can be designed to produce products in various shapes and sizes.


The mandrel, also known as the core or central rod inside the die head, forms the core part of plastic extrusion. It provides the desired internal hollow space to the product.

Haul Off:

The haul-off unit is a mechanism that pulls the product during the final stage of plastic extrusion. This stage imparts the desired length and pulling force to the product.

Heating Ring:

The heating ring is a resistant heating element inside the extruder that forms the melted plastic material. It facilitates shaping by bringing the plastic to the desired temperature.

Screen Changer:

A filter system used in the plastic extrusion process, the screen changer enhances product quality by filtering out unwanted particles and residues.

Plastic Granule:

The initial material used for plastic extrusion. Small plastic particles are melted and shaped inside the extruder.

Mould Block:

A block containing the shaping mold. This block is used to achieve the desired product form.

Haul Off Unit:

A machine that pulls plastic extrusion products. This stage imparts the desired length and strength to the product.

Cutting Unit:

In the final stage of plastic extrusion, the cutting unit is where the shaped plastic product is cut to a specific length. The cutting unit cuts the product according to the desired dimensions and is often integrated into a transport system.


Used to wind plastic extrusion products, the winder is designed to wrap products in an organized and controlled manner.

Understanding these fundamental terms will help you grasp the key elements of the plastic extrusion process. Examining each term in more detail will enhance your understanding of the complexity of plastic extrusion.

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