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As Delta Plastik Makine, we have been a leading company in the Turkish plastic industry since 1998. Founded under the leadership of Ismail Karasu, our company has made significant contributions to the development of the plastic sector in Turkey and has focused on producing high-quality, technological extruder machines.

While our headquarters are located in Istanbul, we conduct our production activities in Qingdao, China. Delta Plastik Makine produces high-quality machines that operate continuously and exceed industry standards. As a reputable Turkish company manufacturing machines in China, we have become a recognized brand in the plastic industry.

As a family-owned company, we have an understanding that can quickly produce lasting solutions. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we serve hundreds of manufacturing customers and make a difference in the industry with our extensive machine portfolio. Delta Plastik Makine continues to maintain its leading position in the industry with its reputation for reliability, quality, and customer-focused approach and will continue to be a pioneer in industry developments in the future.

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